About us

About us

L by LCB

L by Laudya Cynthia Bella is a brand of scarves especially designed by Bella for women with their own sense of style while being able to show a side of elegance.

L by Laudya Cynthia Bella scarves are designed with heart by Bella together with her fashion and graphic design teams.
With special patterns and its signature design of washed-like art painting, L by LCB scarves exuberate special characteristics of a woman with remarkable style.
L by LCB actually started from my marriage preparation. The theme of my wedding dress at that time was Lace. At that time, I was thinking of making Lscarf with a Lace signature. I love signature and I make this at all with LOVE.

CONFIDENCE is not about “They will like me”, CONFIDENCE is “You will be fine, if they do not”. Be grateful to follow God’s rules and self CONFIDENCE is super power. Starting from self-confidence, then magic starts happening.

Beauty is not having a pretty face. BEAUTY is a light in your heart.



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